Immediate Dental Implants in Toronto

Immediate Dental implants

The loss of our teeth has negative consequences for our chewing function, esthetics, lifestyle and sense of self-esteem. In most instances a dental implant can be placed at the same time that a tooth or teeth require extraction! In cases where removal of teeth represents an esthetic compromise, provisional teeth may be attached to the implant either on the same or following day, avoiding the need to wear uncomfortable temporary removable dentures. Routine implant surgery can often be performed under local anesthesia, with adjunctive conscious sedation techniques, such as nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”). Intravenous deep sedation and general anesthesia are available for patients who prefer to be asleep during their procedures, and the provision of these are a routine part of our practice.

Recovery from implant surgery is generally minor. There is usually a small amount of swelling in the gums and/or cheek areas, that begins to resolve approximately 3 days following surgery. Self-dissolving sutures are used. Antibiotics and pain medication is prescribed as required.Dental implants require 4 months to achieve full, successful integration to your bone. During that period, if a provisional tooth is attached to your implant, it is essential to adhere to a soft non-chewing diet to optimize the chance for success. If a provisional tooth is not attached, then a soft diet is required for 3 weeks.

Our Approach

Our office takes digital impressions (intraoral scans) with the Trios scanning system. There is no impression material required for us to provide you with provisional restorations! After 4 months, Dr. Freilich evaluates your implant to confirm successful integration. Your dentist would then fabricate your final restoration, and you are able to resume full and unrestricted chewing function.

It is important to know that an “immediate” implant cannot be placed in every case. Application of this protocol depends on the quality of bone after the tooth has been removed, and whether infection is present. Using a staged approach in these situations provides more predictable outcomes.


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