Bone Grafting

What is it?

The need for bone grafting is, in essence, determined by the amount of bone present at a site where a dental implant is to be placed.

The bone that supports teeth begins to resorb, or shrink, once a tooth is removed, and this bone loss progresses over time. The condition of your bone is diagnosed with a CT scan. An implant needs to be placed in the correct position to support your missing tooth or teeth.

Once this information is obtained, Dr. Freilich is able to inform you whether you would require a bone graft, whether this could be performed simultaneous with implant placement or would require a separate surgery, and what the best options for grafting would be.

More and more the scope of grafting can be performed with less invasive surgery than in previous years, with reliance on harvesting bone from inside of the mouth as opposed to other areas, the use of donor human or bovine bone materials, and augmentation with Platelets Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF), which is an autogenous (ie, from your own blood) technique.

Dr. Freilich will provide you with recommendations as to which technique options would provide you with an optimal result!

Sinus Floor Elevation (“Sinus Lift”) Procedure

The maxillary sinuses are large air-filled spaces within the upper jaw, above the back teeth. In many cases many the back teeth are removed there is insufficient bone below the sinuses to allow for placement of dental implants. In these cases a “sinus lift” procedure may be recommended.

Depending on the amount of bone, in some cases this can be performed simultaneous with an implant placement, using an indirect technique.

In other cases where a larger amount of bone is needed this may require a staged procedure with a direct, or open technique.

Sinus grafting can be performed with donor bone (human or bovine materials), or with your own bone, and is often augmented with platelet growth factors.

A diagnostic cone beam CT (CBCT) scan will allow Dr. Freilich assess the amount of bone that you have, as well as the health of your sinus, and determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.

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