3D Printed Patient Specific Jaw Implants​
in Toronto

3D Printed Patient Specific Jaw Implants

You may have been told that you are not a candidate for conventional implant and bone graft surgery. In some cases, the jaw bone may be extremely deficient, in which case bone grafting and conventional implants are not predictable options. In these situations, particularly in the upper jaw, some patients are candidates for a very new technology that involves custom 3D printing of a subperiosteal jaw implant (Additively Manufactured Subperiosteal Jaw Implant, or AMSJI). These devices are made from a CT scan, and are placed in a single surgery.

A provisional prosthesis is also 3D printed, fabricated in advance of the surgery, and inserted during the surgical procedure. Depending on the patient’s situation, these types of implants can be used to support either a stable removable final prosthesis or fixed hybrid prosthesis.

Dr. Freilich is a member of the International Workgroup for AMSJI. The Workgroup has published research papers that report a high level of satisfaction in patients who have received this treatment, and good maintenance of the supporting bone following AMSJI treatment. Dr. Freilich is seeing patients who have been told they are not candidates for conventional dental implant surgery to determine if they are a candidate for surgery with the AMSJI protocol.

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